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About us


The company "Δια Χειρός Ευδυριάδη Λεωνίδ" was created in 1995 , whose main activity is the production of wood-carved art , and painting them .

The artist of the enterprise is the Mr Evdyriadis Leonidas , who for 35 years dealing with the carving .

Mr. Evdyriadis together with his children Evdyriadi Anastasios carving and Evdyriadi Eleftherios studied top university fine arts and his wife Evdyriadou Vaya who knows the technique of gilding up a modern workshop featuring production worldwide.

His works have been presented throughout Greece and the reports always win the public's interest .
The artworks that he created the company 's fretwork hagiographic works of art , made entirely by hand .

The company " Manually Evdyriadi Leonidas " managed to occupy a prominent position in the market by exporting to European countries, America , Australia and Israel .

Each project signing " By Hand Evdyriadi Leonidas " is a unique handmade piece of artistic expression from the long series of images that give a sense of serenity to your space and combine faith and decoration .